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Energy Psychotherapist

Pamela Florea


The Wonderful Benefits of Sound Healing


Have you ever listened to a song on the radio that actually made you smile, completely shifting your mood? That stressful day at work simply disappeared. According to Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, top NYC oncologist and author of "The Healing Power of Sound", " Music can change our physiology by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and reducing stress hormones. It can boost endorphins which are the brain's natural painkillers as well as boosting our immune system".

In my 35 year career in nursing, I have witnessed a rising trend toward using sound healing in our healthcare system. Premature babies growth rates are positively affected by piping music into their incubators, surgical patients heal and recover more quickly with the use of music in the operating room, and terminal patients die more peacefully with sound during end of life care.

I've incorporated sound into my therapy/healing practice in conjunction with traditional counseling, as a holistic approach to focus on the mind-body connection. My clients feel more grounded and are able to tap into their own inner wisdom during sessions.
Through the use of tuning forks, Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and music, they are able to shift their own emotional and spiritual perspectives, and often break cycles of chronic pain. They are able to find peace and comfort in difficult times by undergoing a catharsis, leaving them feeling cleansed of troubling or burdensome emotions.

I am aware that we are all born with an inner harmony and that we have the capacity to restore that balance. In our lifetime, we are bombarded with external noise and chaos that the body internalizes, causing disharmony or illness to manifest. The vibration of sound acts as a tonic to the nervous system and to the cells of our body and allows us once again to come into wholeness and harmony, thus releasing the soaring potential of the human spirit.

Bold and Fearless


 My husband Scott and I had the most amazing Valentine's Day together. Despite the frigid temperatures, we set off into the woods to climb two peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This adventure is a continuation of a larger goal we established eighteen months ago, to climb the forty-eight peaks over 4000 feet. We love the mountains, being in nature together, therefore this seemed like a perfect challenge for us. We have completed sixteen peaks so far and I must admit, last weekend's climb presented some new potential obstacles and triggered some genuine fear. Our main concern was that the temperature was -5 degrees at the trailhead! Despite careful planning, wearing multiple layers, down parkas with plenty of provisions for food, water and extra gear for an unexpected overnight stay, we began to wonder, "Are we crazy"?We gave ourselves several checkpoints and opportunities to turnaround if our bodies became chilled, if the trails became too challenging, etc. As we began to make our gradual ascent, the mental chatter of negativity began. Feeling short of breath as I always do on my first mile or two of the hike, I thought nervously,  “Have I trained enough"? ", Do I have enough stamina"? and the ultimate fear, “Will we get lost, injured or freeze to death"? As soon as I recognized that old familiar voice, the great saboteur, I was able to calm myself down by inserting the truth or voice of reason. We WERE prepared for this adventure! I forged ahead, my breathing deepened, and I began to notice the clear, blue sunny skies, the sound of the crunching snow, and the crispness of the air on my face. Once the gripping fear passed, I felt completely held and protected by Mother Nature. During challenging steep ascents, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the site of the summit off in the distance, I focused on the 30-40 feet in front of me, climbing toward a boulder or a tree, and then eventually, the summit. Breaking it down into more doable parts, made the larger goal attainable. Standing on the summit with a panoramic view of the White Mountains, I felt Bold and Fearless!


This experience was so reminiscent for me of other times in my life when I have had to push through limiting fear, to create space for Truth, my own intuitive knowing and strike out on my own path in front of me. Fear is the great immobilizer, leaving us feeling paralyzed and playing small in our lives. In what area of your life are you feeling a gentle nudge to stretch yourself? Can you be bold and fearless enough to love more fully in your life? Perhaps needing to release judgments toward yourself and others, letting go of fear of rejection, fear of being too much or not enough? Perhaps you need to let go of a relationship that does not support your full potential, releasing fear of being alone or fear of disapproval by others? Are you bold and fearless enough to shine your light brightly, sharing your unique gifts with others, releasing whatever fears this triggers inside of you?


My hope for all of us is this: that we have the courage to face our fears, feel them fully, and DO IT ANYWAY. I guarantee the sense of accomplishment and personal power this generates is worth all the energy and effort required.

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