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Energy Psychotherapist

Pamela Florea



I have been in the healing profession for 30+ years. Through my work as an energy psychotherapist over the past decade, I have witnessed dramatic changes in my client’s lives. I use a variety of healing modalities, coupled with a traditional therapeutic approach. In my experience, energy work alone will often relieve or eliminate emotional or physical symptoms. Combining this with talk therapy provides us with an understanding of why we act in destructive ways, the opportunity to re-evaluate those decisions and provide tools necessary to break free from old, limiting beliefs. The desired outcome is to create positive lasting change.

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, having trouble flowing with life's many challenges or transitions, or suffer from chronic pain, this revolutionary approach provides profound, effective results.


Can be either in person, phone or via Skype.

Individuals, Couples & Family Therapy.

Sound/Color Healing

Through the use of various instruments of sound, harmonious energy flow is restored in the body and energy field. This calms our nervous system, breaks up negative stagnant energy, and as a result gives relief to emotional and physical pain. It feels good and makes every cell in your body sing.


Can be either in person, phone or via Skype

Theta Healing

A very powerful yet gentle form of energy healing that resolves a wide range of conditions. While in a deep meditative state,  I act as a clear channel for the healing from Spirit. One's energy field is realigned and rebalanced, creating an overall sense of wellbeing, peace and harmony.


Can be either in person, phone or via Skype.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

An effective acupressure technique,  used to treat physical and emotional ailments without using needles. EFT is helpful in reducing anxiety and pain levels, removing negative core beliefs, and instilling positive goals.


Can be either in person, phone or via Skype.


Hypnosis is utilized for treatment and relief of a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. It is commonly used for pain relief, smoking cessation, phobias, weight loss management and anxiety related conditions.


Can be either in person, phone or via Skype.

Property/House Clearing

Property clearing means to "clear" a space or property energetically. A building and the land it is built on compiles and absorbs human energy and emotion. Negative energy can and will affect people on multiple levels and most clients feel the effects of a clearing immediately. Using sage, crystalized salt, and sound instruments the space is cleared and restored to a place of comfort and balance. 


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