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Energy Psychotherapist

Pamela Florea


" I have had the opportunity to meet with Pam Florea regularly since my divorce. I had been married for over 20 years and needed guidance to regain my confidence and independence. Pam has listened patiently, offered suggestions and encouraged me to find and nurture myself in healthy ways. Her office setting is very warm, welcoming and comfortable. Our meetings always seem to go by so quickly and Pam is an easy person with whom to speak"  RS

" Pam has been a blessing in my life. The work we have done together has been life changing. From the first session I felt completely comfortable and supported. I experienced many breakthroughs dealing with grief, negative thought patterns, relationships issues, and old childhood wounds. Her approach is multi layered addressing the mind, body and spirit. I feel this has been the biggest factor for my growth. Pam saw my light, and she compassionately held the space for me to grow, and within that space, I discovered ways to blossom!"  SC

" On my path toward achieving a more balanced life, Pam helped me learn the art of relaxation, the importance of making time for myself, and how to forgive my missteps. Without her, my path would look very different. Thank You Pam!  WW

"There is a certain kind of comfort that Pam provides that I've not ever experienced while working with a therapist. Working with Pam is like coming home. Her energy work in conjunction with her counseling is a perfect blend of inspiration and reflection into what truly makes you tick"  CL

" I started seeing Pam Florea soon after my Mom died in 2009. I had been to two other therapists in the past, and were of little to no help. I was reluctant to start the process of finding a new therapist, but was in rough shape. Seeing her was the best decision I have ever made. Her manner, her tone of voice, her reassuring affirmations made all the difference in my life. Sitting with Pam is like sitting in your living room with a good friend. It is a real conversation as she listens, comments, questions, probes, and explains. She is able to glean a lot of information from the smallest tidbit or comment. I went into therapy with an open mind, hoping this time therapy would be better, different, and effective and it has been all of these"  SL

" For the past five years, I have had the privilege of meeting with Pam for energy psychotherapy work. Throughout these years, she has helped guide me through what have proven to be some of my most life changing moments. I appreciate her insight, her support, her warmth, and her love. My sessions with her help affirm and validate my feelings and also help me see my relationships in a new light. Each time I Ieave a session with Pam, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. She takes time to understand the situations I bring to her and helps me to process and reflect on how to best handle each situation. Her home practice is warm and welcoming, filled with incredibly warm and positive and calming energy. I highly recommend energy psychotherapy work to anyone who is in need of a positive relationship with his or her therapist."  AS

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